Elderly Dog Abandoned Outside Shelter In Trash Bag, Refuses To Give Up On Life

"Someone didn't take very good care of her at all."

Adopted Dog Is Known For Adorable Fashion, Her Story Behind It Is Heartbreaking

"People all over the world are following her journey."

Real Life Lassie: Dog Leads Police On Wild Chase Then Make A Jaw Dropping Discovery

dog saves owner
Dogs, especially Tinsley, a Shiloh Shepherd, are truly man's best friend. She led police in New Hampshire to her owner, who was injured in a car accident and required medical treatment. New Hampshire State Police were dispatched to a report of a loose dog on...

Thought To Be Gone For Good 10 years Later These Lovable Little Animals Beat The Odds

After disappearing for a decade, some lovable little animals have beaten the odds. A routine survey in Galveston Island State Park uncovered a nest of 107 precious turtle eggs belonging to a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle. These critically endangered species are the world's most endangered...

VIDEO: School Janitor Does Some Quick Thinking When He Opens A Door & Is Greet With Sharp Teeth

mountain lion in school
Wednesday morning at a Northern California high school, a custodian safely confined a cougar, who was just curiously walking around, in an empty classroom. At around 8:23 a.m. the sheriff's office received a call from the school that there was a mountain lion in the...

Owners Give Dog Plate Of New Food, Her Reaction Is Hysterical

she may have better manners than most kids.