Who doesn’t like to play tricks on their friends, or spend hours laughing at a prank played on a close relative? Well, I myself am always down for a good laugh. The spunky Doberman, named Kruz, in this video will bring a smile to your face, and maybe even a LOL.

Kruz loves to go on a cruise. In this clip, the owners pretend as though they are leaving by asking their doggy if he wants to go “bye-bye.” They repeatedly as the dog, “Do you want to go bye-bye?”

The first attempt, His ears perk up and he jumps excitedly around his owner’s legs and waits, with excitement, to go down the stairs. When the poor pup realizes the owner is not going outside, he gets filled with anticipation and runs crazily around the house, as to say, “Come on, let’s go!!”

The couple repeats this prank multiple times, and each time it is funnier and funnier.
After a few times, Kruz runs all the way down the stairs, and right back up to make his owner follow him. The pranksters joked, “He loves to beat us to the door. He didn’t like being tricked.”

I am sure this video could go on for hours, and still be funny, if not even more hilarious.
If the pup gets any bigger though, he might be able to knock his owner down the steps, and take them “bye-byes.”

Please take a few moments and enjoy this video. It is a guaranteed laugh for you and all your friends, so don’t forget to SHARE.

Source: rumble.com