Arthur is 105 and he came to visit his 100-year-old wife Marcia in the nursing home where she stays. Gabe asked his grandma if she remembered marrying her husband.

Marcia is unable to communicate as well as she used to the love between them is clear. They stared into each others’ eyes and through that affection and love they communicated their deep love for one another.

Gabe Jacobs captured this heartwarming video of his grandparents the evening before they would be married for 80 years!

“I’ve loved you for 80 years, honey. That’s a long time,” Arthur said as he held her hand.

Marcia kissed her husband’s hand as he recounted their long life together.

“We were only twenty when we got married,” he said.

“I miss you all the time,” he added tearfully.

According to Gabe, his grandparents are one of the oldest couples in the United States. His love and admiration for his grandparents are evident and he said he is “proud to have descended from these superhumans.”

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