This is a sweet and unique story about a monkey and a couple of buffalo. Interestingly, all three animals are orphans, and yet, they have come together and formed an incredible bond and family unit.

Our heartwarming story takes place in the continent of Africa in Kenya at the Lamu Conservation Trust. A vervet monkey by the name of ZumZum was delivered to the temporary care Amu ranch facility after being found in the hands of an illegal exotic pet breeder.

As ZumZum got acclimated to his new home, he met two baby buffalo, and one of them, Pangani, is at the facility receiving care for a serious forehead wound. Before any of these beautiful wildlife creatures can be returned to their natural habitats, they must be healthy and up to resuming their former lifestyle routines.

This is ZumZum. Hello, ZumZum!

The other young buffalo at the ranch facility is named Konambaya, and ZumZum also likes hanging out with this adorable animal. The vervet monkey, however, seems to be crushing on female Pangani and gives the wounded animal extra loving care. Pangani doesn’t appear to mind because ZumZum crawls all over her body and on top of Konambaya.

The buffalo pair doesn’t react negatively with the active ZumZum, even when the monkey is attempting to perform social grooming on them by lifting their big floppy ears and letting him removing dirt, debris, ticks, and fleas, etc.


It’s a bizarre cross-species friendship for the trio, but it seems to be working out well. The proof is in the pudding as they say; take a look at ZumZum, Pangani, and Konambaya in these cute snapshots featured at the Lamu Conservation Trust’s Facebook page.

The vervet monkey is small with a distinctive black face with greenish-olive body fur. Its tail is quite long and is needed for balancing on trees. This monkey is used to living in groups or troops of 10 to 50 animals. Each troop consists of adult females and young offspring.

You don’t mind if I chill here, do you?

Poor ZumZum didn’t get to maintain that natural lifestyle because he was owned illegally by his former exotic pet breeder. In the wild, these monkeys spend a few hours a day in social grooming. That is why ZumZum keeps up that behavior with his new pals, the orphaned buffalo.

The Lamu Conservation Trust is to be applauded for their fine work rescuing wildlife and marine animals of all sizes and in various physical conditions. The main aim of the trust is to keep the global ecosystem there intact.

To get an excellent idea of how daily operations go at the amazing Amu ranch, check out this YouTube video. You can easily see how diverse and complex the range of wildlife is there. This “lost paradise” is absolutely stunning to behold.

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