Those that are part of the military have an obligation to, not only their country but their family as well. They take time out of their lives and their family’s lives as well.

When Heather Wicz went off to her MOS training with the Army, she didn’t just leave her human family but she also left her three fur children. While humans can learn and understand how to live without someone, pets are a different story.

Pets don’t have the ability to understand that their owner did not just leave them for no reason. They do not have the ability to count down on the calendar or see when physical time frame when their owner will return.

Cats, may not care at all, but dogs? They are a different kind. You could leave them for months and they would pick up loving you all the same when you return.

After six months when Heather Wicz made a temporary return from her military occupation training with an injury, she decided to surprise her pups. She captured her their reaction on video.

In the short video, you can see her three German Shepherds that she left behind come galavanting around the corner as Heather sits on the couch videoing them.

The three very large dogs immediately realize that their mom is home. As soon as she sees the gorgeous dogs, she knew she missed them just as much as they missed her.

As soon as their eyes rested upon their mom, their happy tails made an appearance. They ran over to their mom and piled on top of her. These three dogs are about the same size as their mom, but that did not stop them from showing her love.

Of course, Heather did not care, you could hear her laughs and giggles over the dog chatter. While surely seeing her family was a great time, seeing and being reunited with her fur-kids was an even better.

While this visit is just temporary, she will be gone for quite some time to complete her MOS training, the break to recover and see her dogs was great. She got to make her puppy’s happy for a short while and see her entire family. Here is to making puppies happy and a quick recovery!

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