Eliot Granville married Earnie Granville (left) on May 22, in Port Aransas, Texas. (Valentina Z. Photographer/Courtesy Eliot Granville)

On the same day she said “I do,” a bride in Texas caught a massive fish. Eliot Granville, 34, of San Antonio, Texas, caught a black drum just hours after marrying Earnie Granville on May 22 in Port Aransas.

Eliot Granville married Earnie Granville (left) on May 22, in Port Aransas, Texas. (Valentina Z. Photographer/Courtesy Eliot Granville)

Following the ceremony, which was officiated by Eliot Granville’s mother, the newlyweds hosted a small reception for their guests at a nearby house where they and their immediate family were staying.

“It was perfect,” Eliot Granville said to Fox News Digital. “We had a great day.”

At around 10 p.m., as everyone was settling in for the night, Granville and her husband decided to go fishing.

Granville had changed out of her wedding gown and into a white reception gown before heading to the fishing pier.

Eliot Granville told Fox News Digital that she’s more of the fisherman in her relationship. She and Earnie have been dating since October 2020. (Valentina Z. Photographer/Courtesy Eliot Granville)

“It was kind of just like a last-minute thing that we decided to do,” Granville said of the spontaneous fishing trip.

The fish kept taking Granville’s bait and leaving for the first 45 minutes of fishing. She finally felt a tug on her line and took action, she explained.

“I set the hook, and then I started reeling it in,” Granville stated. “At first I thought that maybe I was stuck on something on the bottom because the fish was so large. I’ve never caught a fish that large. And then I realized that there was actually a fish on there.”

Granville said she was cautious when reeling in the fish because the line on the fishing pole was so thin.

She got the fish close to the pier after about 10 to 15 minutes. Earnie borrowed someone’s net, and the newlyweds and some nearby fishermen worked together to get the drum onto the pier.

“Everybody’s adrenaline was going,” Eliot said. “We were so excited. We got him up there and I was shocked at how big he was.”

Eliot Granville caught a fish on her wedding night. She estimates it weighed about 50 pounds. (Eliot Granville)

Granville estimated that the drum weighed about 50 pounds. “That’s definitely the biggest fish that I’ve ever caught,” Granville said. “It was really exciting,. It was a lot of fun.”

Granville said she released the drum back into the water after taking a few pictures because of fishing regulations in the area and the sheer size of the fish. Granville saw the fish as more than just a good catch.

“My sister and all my friends, they were like, ‘It’s a gift from your dad,’” Granville remembered.

“We were extremely close,” she stated. “He was my best friend. So my sister was like, ‘It’s your dad watching over you.’ I thought that was really sweet.”