climbing deck

An adorable recent Reddit video shows an older dog named Ozzy teaching a puppy how to climb stairs. The video begins with the puppy trying to get on a deck by leaping as high as he could with every last bit of effort. It did not go so well for him. As soon as his front paws were on the platform, he just slipped right off without warning trying to get a good grip on the deck. Like most puppies, he needed to learn how to do it. Luckily, he had a companion. 

An older dog, Ozzy, was also there and was nice enough to show the puppy how it was done. Ozzy climbed down the stairs tried to get the attention of the puppy so he could show him how to do it. The puppy thought he was playing so he just ran away from him. 

After Ozzy got the attention of the puppy, he demonstrated how the climb the stairs. The puppy was hesitant in the beginning but then gained to confidence to go the rest of the way. After the initial first few steps, the puppy quickly learned and dashed up the stairs. Both of the dogs rejoiced with glee as a celebration for climbing the stairs for the very first time. 

A comment from the video said, “My mom’s dog taught my puppy how to roll over for belly scratchies. It’s like my pup saw him getting all this love and attention and was like ‘wait, all you have to do is roll on your back and everyone will rub your belly???? I can do that!’ Now she is a pro and demanding love and scratchies.” 

This reminds me of how humans work as well. As babies, we learn, just like dogs do, from other role models. we learn the fundamentals of life, like walking, talking, and learning. 

Give this video a look.

My boy Ozzy, trying to show my sister’s foster pup how to climb stairs! from AnimalsBeingBros