Dog and Calf

On Valentine’s Day, Valentine the calf was born. She was born in the middle of a severe snowstorm and her health was not looking good. She was born in below freezing temperatures. When her owners looked out into the field they noticed a body that was not seeming to move. They soon found out that it was a baby calf and rushed her inside for safety and to try to warm her up. She was so cold that she was not able to move.

Her “human family” wrapped her up with as many blankets as they could find and placed her next to a heater. She was so cold that she was barely even responding to anything. The family was hoping and praying that she would be able to recover quickly and gain some heat so that she would be able to move. She was really weak and could barely keep her eyes open.

After a couple hours, the family started losing hope until their dog came into the room and started trying to warm up the baby calf. Even though the dog was still a puppy, he knew that the calf needed warmth. So the puppy started to lick the baby calf’s face so it could warm up. After a while of licking her face, he could tell he needed to do more. The pup then went to the baby calf and started to cuddle it to give off some of his body heat and transfer it to her. The puppy became dedicated to warming up and saving the life of Valentine. He stayed there right next to her for hours upon hours making sure that the calf was safe and getting warmer. The puppy only left one time to make sure that the family knew how the calf was. When the family came up to the calf, they noticed that she was warmer and that she could move her legs a lot more.

As the family was getting some warm milk ready, the puppy started to lick the face of Valentine once more. As he was licking her face, she let out her first sound. Of course it was a “moo.” Surprised at the sound, the pup jumped back but then quickly went back to licking. A little bit after, Valentine the calf was able to stand up. She was fed the warm milk that way. Once the calf was sleeping, the puppy never left her side and they slept next to each other the whole night.

When morning approached, the baby calf was strong and healthy and was ready to return back to the farm. After being put back in the field, she stood there waiting for her mamma to come get her. A few minutes later, her mom smelled her and came to her. Valentine the calf now is living happy and stronger than ever. She will never forget the puppy that nursed her back to life.