dog sees owner

Have you ever been away from home for months apart and surprised your loved ones with coming home? That is exactly what happened to this adorable dog. The dog’s owner came home after months of being away for work and surprised his dog by hiding around a corner and letting the dog go outside to see him.

A dog’s relationship with its owner is like no other. It is like having a furry child. They know when you are sad, hurt, or happy. There is an emotional connection between a dog and its owner. They are always there to comfort you in the times that you need it most. When you are gone they know it, and they miss you. Imagine what it is like for your dog when you are gone for months at a time. It must be hard for a dog.

Little does the sweet dog know, it is about to see its owner for the first time in months. The owner hides around a corner as the dog is let outside. As soon as the dog sees its owner, it bolts for him and starts barking and crying. The sheer sound of the dog’s happy cry is enough to turn a bad day right into a good one. The dog was so happy to see its owner that it was jumping all over him and could not stop licking his face. The man was also happy to see his dog and was petting and playing with it. Imagine seeing your family after months of being away. That is exactly how this dog feels.

A comment on the video says, “A dog’s love is unconditional. It makes your heart so happy to know they are that excited And happy.”

This is the welcome home that everyone wants from their dog. A good cry and a lick on the face.

This is a truly heart-warming video from Rumble.