Man Helps Cow

Dave, a local passing motorist, stopped at a little pond in a fenced-in cow field to get some good pictures and videos of cows bathing in the pond. It was a hot spring day and Dave was getting good videos of the cows. One of the cows, Flo, seemed off and more aggressive than cows normally act. She seemed to be stressed about something, but Dave just thought it was the hot day and him being close to the fence that had her agitated. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Flo, the cow, was stomping and looking back behind her. She started to pace back and forth and kept looking at Dave. She then moved to a spot next to the fence and stood there for 5 minutes and started mooing. Dave, still not catching on, thought it would be interesting for the video to film Flo’s weird attitude. A few minutes later, something crazy happened. All of the other cows in the field started walking towards her because they knew that she wasn’t just agitated, she was giving a cry for help. Dave finally decided to check it out so he placed the camera at an angle where you can still see him and started walking towards Flo. As he approached he saw a newborn calf that had slipped out and under the fence.

For some reason, Flo had been standing near the fence when she gave birth and the newborn just slipped down out of the fence and could not get back in. When Dave approached the newborn calf, he couldn’t believe it. The newborn seemed either paralized or seriously hurt, but he soon realized it was okay and was just not able to get himself up. So he went up to him and tried his best to get the newborn back in the fence. He was careful not to upset the mother as he was touching her baby but she seemed to understand that he was helping. As soon as he was getting the newborn in the fence, Flo’s attitude calmed down and she became relaxed as Dave was helping her baby. They both were getting shocked with a really low voltage but the baby did not get hurt by the shocks. Dave did not care that he was getting shocked because he knew he needed to get the newborn back to his mother. When he finally pushed the baby through to his mother, they reunited and started to leave the fence.

Dave then went back and told the farmers and they all went to check on the newborn and his mother. As they approached the cows, they seemed to remember him. The newborn came right up to him and Flow, the newborn’s mother, acknowledged him and gave him a good look before heading up behind her baby.  Dave was amazed at the cows ability to communicate that her baby needed help. The two cows became famous through the viral video and the world named the newborn “Sparky” due to his introduction to electricity at such an early age. The two cows are animal celebrities and are now living happily in their home.