man saves boy from alligator
Daniel Duplantier / Westwego Volunteer Fire Company

A man from Louisiana had heard cries for help from a boy who had fallen into alligator-infested waters and was in immense danger.

Daniel Duplantier was alligator-watching in a canal when the unexpected happened. He knew he had to act quickly when he heard the cries for help from the young boy.

According to the Westwego Volunteer Fire Department, the boy was successfully pulled out of the water safely by Danial Duplantier.

Duplantier was successfully able to get the boy to safety and out of the waters but still needed help to get passed the alligator-infested canal.

“A 5 year old boy fell into canal near the pumping station and was rescued from the water by Daniel Duplantier who was near the canal watching alligators when he heard the boy yelling for help. ​​Westwego Fire – Police & EMS helped to get the boy back across the canal to safety where he was treated by EMS.”

It is very important for people to know where alligators live. The Facebook post concluded, “Spring is upon us and Summer is near, keep a close eye on children around waterways and swimming pools.”

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, there are more than one million alligators that live in Louisiana. They like habitats such as ponds, lakes, canals, rivers, swamps, and bayous in Louisiana. They are most common in coastal marshes.

On their website, it says, “Mature males and non-breeding females tend to stay in deep water habitats. Nesting females, hatchlings, and small juveniles are commonly found in shallow marsh habitats with thick emergent vegetation.”

One Facebook user commented on the post, “Thank you, sir, for your heroism! Blessings to you all. You protected a family from a lifetime of grief.”

Another commented, “Please give him a plaque and possible a reward. Even if he were at the right place at the right time, he acted a hero. God Bless him and the 5 year old.”

It’s good that this man was at the right place and time.