Everyone needs boy advice, even toddlers. When little Mila Stauffer found herself wanting to know how to win over her first crush, she looked to her grandmother for advice. She had no idea what she had done.  Grandma had lots of advice for little Mila.

Mila made no hesitations when she dialed her grandmother’s phone to Face time her. The young toddler’s crush is of course the huge celebrity Justin Bieber. Because Mila knows just how cute she is, she thinks she has a chance at the pop star. Who doesn’t think she’s cutie pie?  Still she is a bit scared that Justin won’t see all her cuteness.  She just needed some guidance on how to ‘stand out’  from all of the other girls to win his heart.

Mila’s grandma has lots of advice for her granddaughter. She tells her stories and tips that she used when she was head over heals for John Lennon and Ringo from the Beetles back in the day.

Grandma’s first piece of advice for Mila was to make sure to look her very best.  Followed up by some dance moves.  The little one knows she made a mistake by the end of the video, but it left the rest of us rolling on the floor.

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