date night dog

A video on Instagram shows a labrador by the name of Magnus about to go on a date with his girlfriend Phoebe, another labrador. In the video, he needs to get ready for his date and needs to look his best. He went through several routines to get ready and impress the girl.

“As many of you know, Magnus has a girlfriend. Her name is Phoebe and she is a 5 year old yellow lab that lives around the corner from us. They are the cutest couple and every time we pass Phoebe’s house, Magnus looks all around to see if his favorite girl is outside. Did Magnus forget anything in his date night prep?” says the caption on the video.

The video starts with Magnus sitting in front of the mirror getting his fur blowdried and brushed by his owner. He then moves on to pick out a shirt to wear on his date. (Good impressions are a must when going out on a date). He proceeds to have his shirt ironed to get all the wrinkles out so he looks perfect for his date. Then he practices kissing with his owner. (I think that it would be a good idea to put a breath mint in as well). He continues his date night routine by getting in a few touch-ups like fixing his collar. The final step to completing his date night routine is to pick up some flowers to give to his girlfriend. The last part of the video shows him with the flowers in his mouth ready to go out on the date.

Magnus and Phoebe can be seen many other times with each other in previous videos. One of the other videos shows them on another date doing many things together. Another video shows Magnus’ owner walking into a room and catching them cuddling together. The video ends with Magnus giving his owner a wink.

Check out the video from Instagram, by @magnusthetheropydog, here.