dog thrusting for cheese
Carrie Southerton Photography / SWNS

A photographer raised money to buy pet food for food banks in a hilarious way.

Dog photographer Carolyne Cowan had been taking funny pictures of all kinds of dogs thrusting to catch cubes of cheese, (and making super silly faces mid-catch,) so she could buy pet food for food banks at a charity ‘catchathon’ event.

Carolyne captured the images of 41 dogs of all different breeds. She and her husband, Alasdair, purchased about 22 pounds of cubed cheese to throw at the dogs while she snapped around 50 pictures per dog.

“Alasdair cuts up around 22 pounds worth of cheese into cubes, but he has to do different sizes for small dogs and big dogs. He throws the cheese to the dog, and then I click away. I tend to get about 50 pictures of each dog,” Carolyne said.

The event started in 2018 and lasted for 14 months, raising $20,000. She was forced to let it go due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Carolyne said about the event, “It was a crazy day but we have never laughed so much ever.”

“The owners had a ball, it was brilliant. There were only six dogs who didn’t or couldn’t catch the cheese. Some were being princesses and just looking at Alasdair after he threw the cheese with great disdain as if to say, how dare you throw something at me. But you get the hilarious outtakes with the ones who don’t catch so it was great fun and the dogs loved it. We started a fundraising page because someone in America contacted us saying they could be there but would like to donate. So we are hoping to get up to our target through that,” she said.

Carolyne added, “It’s fast and furious and total bedlam at times, but it’s so funny. Sometimes I am crying with laughter.”

Here are a few of the pictures Carolyne took.

dog eating cheese
Carrie Southerton Photography / SWNS
dog cheese
Carrie Southerton Photography / SWNS
dog and cheese
Carrie Southerton Photography / SWNS