flying balls

Dogs have many simple things they love in life. For some dogs, it is the love for food, for others, it is the love for toys. Many of us know about dogs’ love for tennis balls. Tennis balls have been used for many years to make dogs happy. There is just something about chasing a bright green, fuzzy ball around that makes a dog go bonkers. Maybe it is the perfect fit in a dog’s mouth or purely the joy and thrill of chasing something dazzling.

The dog in this video loves tennis balls. The dog loves tennis balls so much, that a local tennis instructor has had hundreds of tennis balls delivered to its house. He started dropping them on the deck one by one, but then quickly turned into an all-out tennis ball fest. At a single moment, a few hundred balls came flying down from the sky. The dog was so excited and happy.

Then a few hundred more fell from the sky! The dog was in awe. It was frantically going around trying to pick up all the tennis balls. There were tons of tennis balls around on the deck. The kids even started to play with the tennis balls. I think it is safe to say that the tennis balls won the battle that day.

Some comments on the video said, “Now, this is Hilarious! I’ve got to share this with friends. Thank you for sharing.”

Another comment was mentioned, “I love dogs. I enjoyed watching the video.”

And another said, “surprise party for the dog!”

For some dogs, it is the stuffed animals, for others, it is chicken wings from last night’s dinner, but to this dog, it was tennis balls. This dog must have been so happy that day. He has tennis balls for a lifetime!

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