deaf baby

Kids and babies all over the world are born with hearing loss and deafness. Fortunately, through the right procedures, they can be resolved, and ultimately, the babies can gain their hearing back and their hearing can grow normally. They have a chance to hear as others do.

Around 2 to 3 babies per 1000 are born with these hearing issues. Hearing loss also can occur when the child is older, but it moves at a slow pace. Most hearing loss at birth is prevented, but that’s not always the case.

It is important as a parent to watch out for these things so that they can catch them early so there is a better recovery rate.

A video of a little girl named Georgina Addison, who was born with partial hearing loss in both of her ears, wore two fitted hearing aids when she was just a few weeks old. She sleeps with headphones every night. When the morning comes, her parents would take the headphones off, and turn the hearing aids on, so she could wake up with the sound of her parents saying to her good morning. The reaction was filmed and posted to Rumble.

This is a really cute video. As she takes off her headphones and has her hearing aids turned on, her face lights up and she smiles right at the camera and at her parents. She lets out noises of pure joy to be able to hear her parents.

Her mother asks her, “can you say hello to everybody?” And she just lets out a loud and adorable sound. Her mother then says, “that’s a very loud hello!” and she just does the same thing again. This video will guarantee to make your day full of joy and happiness.

Check out this adorable Rumble video down below.