dog tattles

I’m sure we’ve all been there when your parents confront you and your siblings, whether it is about who snuck out of the house or who stole a cookie from the cookie jar. Sometimes, people and their siblings rat each other out and cause the other one to get in trouble when really, you are the one who did it. Or you are the parent of the kids who have done this before. The sibling rivalry is no joke. Once you are found guilty of one crime, well, you are automatically the culprit of everything. (Trust me, I have experience). It is the battle of who can tattle on the other first, and half the time you are the one who gets the blame. Well, the same can be true about dogs.

In this short Rumble video, we can see two dogs. Judy, (the bigger one), and Sunny, (the smaller one). They are truly like typical toddler siblings, when one does something wrong, the other one just tattles on them.

When the owner of the dogs asked them, “girls, who pooped in the kitchen?” Judy didn’t take a single second to make sure she wasn’t thought of as the culprit, so she pointed it out, and laid her paw on Sunny, expressing that it was her who had done the nasty deed. Either Judy is telling the truth, or she is just a really good liar. I guess we will never know the true culprit.

A comment on the Rumble video stated, “just like me and my little bro when we were younger…”

Another said, “Hahahahha bigger one is tattletale. They are adorable :D”

I remember times when I was a kid when my siblings and I would get in trouble, my parents would always say, “if one of you did it you both did it.”

Check out this funny Rumble video here.