little girl snowboarding

In this adorable Instagram video shared by Robert Garlow, a little girl, dressed as a dinosaur, shares fun snowboarding commentary.

A 4-year-old girl by the name of Aubrin Sage was out snowboarding with her father, Robert Garlow. Aubrin’s father hooked up a little microphone to her coat to record her commentary.

Robert said on Good Morning America, “I’ve been documenting our kids since birth and am always interested in trying to include their voices and thought process when hiking, playing, biking, etc. but it’s always been tough when snowboarding (due to distance, atmosphere noise, etc.) so this was a good way to capture something that has been missing from our snowboarding videos.”

Aubrin has been snowboarding since she was 18 months old. This year the whole Garlow family is snowboarding the hills with each other. This is the very first time they are all together on the same slopes.

Garlow wrote “Snowboarding together has created some of our best memories as a family. In a day and age of 24/7 connectivity and the daily juggle of parenthood and professional duties, we are most present and connected as a family when we are snowboarding in the mountains.”

Garlow is capturing all of the memories he can of his family, even when he doesn’t expect it. Garlow said, “I was about to turn the camera off when she said ‘stuck-asaurus’ and I remember hearing it at the time and thinking how funny and witty that was. I almost didn’t even post the video because to me, who hears her talk and sing every day, it didn’t feel extraordinary.”

Garlow said that he does not want to force his kids to snowboard. He said, “My goal is to make every time out a positive experience so that she asks to come back. I want her love of snowboarding to come from within her, not applied by us.”

Aubrin has learned so many lessons throughout the years by snowboarding, and I’m sure she will learn more.