4-Year-Old Empties Piggy Bank, When Mom Finds Out Why She’s In Tears

She is such a thoughtful, sweet little girl.

6 Year Old Boy Thanks Local Heroes With Donuts, They Surprise Him With A Sweet Response.

When you ask most kids what they want to be when they grow up, they will say things like, "A vet" or "A Fire Fighter"-- Some may have ultra specific titles that come with what they want to be because they idolize their parent...

Inmates Watch As Cop Collapses On Duty-What They Did Left Many Speechless

It was the last thing anyone expected them to do.

Watch: Two Police Officers Conduct A Dramatic Rescue To Save Three Teenagers

officers saved teens
Two Milwaukee police officers are being called ‘heroes’ after they went above and beyond in saving the lives of three teenagers who were in a car crash, that ultimately resulted in a fire. The two officers were out on patrol when they saw is 1999...

Texas Trooper Put It All On The Line During Wild Chase To Rescue A Woman Whose Been Trapped

Texas law enforcement officers were involved in a chase with human smugglers near Laredo when the vehicle burst into flames. Inside the vehicle was a woman who was kidnapped and zipped inside a duffle bag. In the video below you'll watch Border Patrol and Texas...

Police chase a motorized suitcase through the Orlando airport

motorized suitcase
A unique and interesting police chase occurred last April in central Florida. The Orlando Police Department said that a police officer had to chase a woman in the airport who was riding a motorized suitcase. Since the woman appeared to be intoxicated the airline would not...

Drunk sisters on vacation at Disney Springs take clothes off and fight, slip on vomit into bushes while fighting

irish pup
One night at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, two drunk guests were arrested for fighting with each other naked. The women were out to eat with their family on vacation at a steakhouse. The two seemed to be having a fun time until after they...