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Photo by Cliff Wang

One night at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, two drunk guests were arrested for fighting with each other naked.

The women were out to eat with their family on vacation at a steakhouse. The two seemed to be having a fun time until after they got drinks from an Irish pub.

The two had issues with calling an Uber to head back to their hotel because their phones died. A security guard helped them call an Uber, but the Uber driver refused to take them because of how drunk they were. This is where the real problems begin.

While they waited for a taxi to pick them up, they started arguing and the older sister scorned her younger sister about how bad of a mom she was and slapped her across the face. The younger sister threatened to punch her older sister after.

It was about this time when an Orlando County Sheriff’s office was called about a street fight. When they arrived, the younger sister was screaming and only had on underwear and sandals.

The sheriff’s report stated, “Both females were screaming at each other. [The security manager] said one female was sitting on a bench while the second female was standing over her. After attempting to calm the situation, [the security manager] said one female slapped the other in the face. At that point, both females began punching, slapping, and pulling each other’s hair.”

The security guard had separated the two sisters apart from each other.

“Once separated, both sisters ran at each other, slipped in [the younger sister’s] vomit, then fell into the bushes while still fighting. [The security manager] stated [the younger sister] ran a few feet away and took off her dress, exposing her breasts. Shortly after, they began to punch each other again. [The security manager] and [another cast member who witnessed the fight] were able to separate the two again until the off-duty deputies arrived on scene,” the sheriff’s report said.

The two drunk sisters were arrested that night for domestic violence, battery, and disorderly intoxication. The state attorney’s office decided not to pursue criminal charges, and the two sisters both requested for the other not to be prosecuted.