Watch: Rescued Bear Is So Happy He Can’t Stop Jumping

bear jumping rescue cute
I can't even 'bear' how cute he is

Groom-To-Be Expects First Look At Bride, But When He Turns Around He Bursts Out Laughing

The only thing he could manage to say was "I love you"

Johnny Depp Laughs When Ex-Wife’s Lawyer Breaks Age Old Trial Advice & Completely Embarrasses Himself

Depp trial
Rule number one for trial lawyers is never ask a question you don't know the answer to and Amber Heard, Depp's ex-wife, trial lawyer violated that principle. Johnny Depp and his bodyguard are pretty close with each other, but not too close. During the trial on...

Brother and Sister Duo Take Internet By The Storm With Their Brilliant Voices

I wasn't ready for their voices or that moment on the end!