A lot of parents will complain about sibling rivalry that happens between their children. It is often the case that siblings do not learn to get along until they grow up. However, this is not always true, as there are siblings who get along very well.

Some of these siblings not only get along, but they can work on construction projects together to create wonderful results. Kenny and Capri Holland are an example of this latter category of siblings. Both members of this brother-sister duo are very talented when it comes to music, and they are passionate about it as well. They display extraordinary talent in this video that they have made that combines 2 classic songs – Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Elvis’s I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.

These two created a creative and beautiful mashup of these two popular songs. Both of them have amazing voices. Capri starts off crooning the lyrics of I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, and it becomes even more impressive when her brother joins in with his Harmony.

Their voices blend perfectly together to create an impressively pleasing sound, and it becomes even more impressive when you see that they have blended in the lyrics to Somewhere Over the Rainbow in the mix.

This young girl singing with her older brother makes for a very pleasing video to watch, and no matter what your taste in music, you will likely agree that they work very well together in terms of music. Not only do their voices go well together, but they constructed the lyrics of this mashup very well.

The video starts with Kenny playing the piano, while Capri starts to sing. After a few measures of hearing only her melodious voice, her brother starts to harmonize with her, and it is absolutely amazing just how good they sound.

Mashup songs have become very popular in various genres of music. A lot of artists spend many years perfecting their skills in this area, but it looks like these two got their skills pretty perfect at a young age. If they want a future music, they very likely have it if they continue working at it.

Their ability to produce original music based on well-loved classics is quite impressive, and they have the voices to match their composing talent as well. Hopefully, they decide to stay in the world of music, because it looks like they have a great deal to offer that people can enjoy for years to come. They could likely create all sorts of interesting and entertaining mash-ups that will be just as popular as this one.

It is very touching to watch, and hopefully, they choose to make more videos like this, so we can all have something entertaining and heartwarming to watch for a long time to come.

You have to see the emotional moment they share at the end!

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