Mothers Quick Thinking Saves Her Sons Life After A Rare Attack

Unless you've spent time among catfish and are aware of their surprise danger, you probably don't think of them when you think of pain, stingers, or venom. “Most species of catfish have a single spine-like fin ray at the end of each pectoral and dorsal...

Florida Couple Lost Hope After Their Wedding Plans Turned Into A Nightmare But Then Scottish Islanders Save the Day

Couple Scottish wedding
A wedding nightmare turned into a Celtic dream when, after a slew of issues, the locals on the beautiful Isle of Skye decided to help the visiting bride and groom. Amanda and Paul Riesel of Florida, who planned to leave a solid four-day cushion between...

During The Game A Ref Dropped With No Pulse But Then An Unlikely Moonlighting Hero Flies Into Action

basketball player saves life
With the Toledo Glass City basketball team, Myles Copeland competes in minor league basketball. The 25-year-old enjoys playing basketball in addition to his day job as a fireman. On June 11, the team was scheduled to play against the Jamestown Jackals in one of the games. Front...

Hero Cat Saves 84 Year Old Vet From Certain Death

cat saves owner
The 84-year-old U.S. Army veteran Ron Williams has discovered yet another reason to adore Fluffy after the cat's fuzzy friend saved his life. A few years ago, a buddy paid Ron a visit and brought the retired man a nice surprise: Fluffy's male friend. Fluffy and...

Janitor Shows Up For Work, He Never Thought He Would Leave A Hero

"I was so shocked and didn't touch anything.”