cat saves owner

The 84-year-old U.S. Army veteran Ron Williams has discovered yet another reason to adore Fluffy after the cat’s fuzzy friend saved his life.

A few years ago, a buddy paid Ron a visit and brought the retired man a nice surprise: Fluffy’s male friend.

Fluffy and Ron quickly hit it off. Nobody at the time, however, anticipated how Fluffy would prove to be much more than simply a furry friend. After saving Ron’s life, the cat quickly gains his admiration.

Ron once lost his footing while he was getting out of the shower. What followed turned out to be the ideal confluence of disasters that typically would result in a quite different sort of tale.

army vet with cat

The 84-year-old vet was initially all by himself at home, save for Fluffy. Additionally, he fell into a risky posture that rendered him helpless. Ron was unable to move, and his life alert was charging in the other room.

Ron was forced to wait in pain on the chilly floor, hoping and praying that someone would notice his predicament before it was too late.

Ron would spend a lot of his days recounting his new friend’s exploits when Fluffy first moved in with him.

From eight in the morning until midnight, Ron slept on the bathroom floor. He was lucky to have Fluffy to keep him company, but she would soon do much more!

Ron’s predicament was getting progressively worse as the day wore on. The old veteran went desperately to his cat at that point.

Ron managed to escape his fall with only a few minor scrapes and bruises thanks to Fluffy’s brave acts. And since then, the friendship between the two buddies has never been stronger.

You can watch the heart-warming news report of the hero cat saving its owner on youtube below.