As The Deadly Wave Pulled Mother & Daughter Out To Sea That’s When A Bartender Risked Everything

For one bartender in South Africa, a regular shift at the bar just became an act of heroism. Tongai Matandirotya, a waiter at Brass Bell Restaurant in Cape Town, forgot about his personal safety and the drink he was preparing for a customer. He dove...

Blacklisted Because He Stayed True To His Wife, Now This ‘Band Of Brothers’ Actor Is Calling All The Shots

Neal McDonough
To get through difficult moments in Hollywood, Neal McDonough turned to his faith. In 2010, the actor claimed he was sacked from the ABC series "Scoundrels" three days into filming because he refused to agree to on-screen sex scenes. Despite the fact that the show...

Photographer Finds Unexpected Surprise In Abandoned House

what she found, changed her life forever.