Elderly Dog Abandoned Outside Shelter In Trash Bag, Refuses To Give Up On Life

"Someone didn't take very good care of her at all."

Mother Overcomes Adversity Creating A Powerful Moment At Sons Wedding

mom with son
A groom danced with his mother, who is unable to walk, in an emotional scene recorded on camera. After the son and his wedding planner published footage of the wonderful scene on social media, Zak Poirier and his mother, Kathy Poirier, became viral. More than three...

Adopted Dog Is Known For Adorable Fashion, Her Story Behind It Is Heartbreaking

"People all over the world are following her journey."

70 Year Old Woman Facing Eviction Was Losing Hope, But Then She Got An Incredible Surprise

After being threatened with eviction, a retiree was able to purchase the house she had rented for two decades after the community raised a quarter-million dollars on her behalf. Linda Taylor was a beloved neighbor in her Minneapolis community, known for having a golden heart...

Crew Building An Industrial Park Is Astonished After Making An Incredible Discovery

"It's more important to preserve the Maya legacy," says Mauricio Montalvo, owner of an industrial park that had to be postponed due to the discovery of a large Mayan settlement dating from around 600 CE. There may have been 4,000 people living there at one...