If you listen hard enough, you can hear some pretty interesting things while on a train or a bus. Sometimes, and more often than not, you may hear things that you don’t want to hear. But for this man, he heard words come out of a young woman’s mouth that tore him apart.

This gentleman had just walked off the train at an East Village subway station, and began following this young girl, who had been on the same train as him.

But he wasn’t following her to be creepy. He was doing it to save her life.

The young woman began walking out onto a beam above the subway, and got about 10 feet, and as 20 feet overhead. And it became clear that this woman was about to jump.

The man followed her out to the beam, and sat with her and began to talk to her. She was crying and was completely overwhelmed.

“The only thing I overheard was the young girl saying nobody cares about her,” said Michal Klein, who had just gotten off of a downtown train. As he was walking away, he noticed the young man and woman on the beam.

And as expected, many of the subway riders crowded around and watched as everything happened in front of them.

The police had been called right away, but when they arrived, a miracle had happened. They got there and were able to remove people from the scene. While just seconds before, the man and the woman walked right off.

The woman who once planned on jumping walked away unharmed, and then was led away from the station, and taken away in an ambulance.

“I just hope that she gets help,” said Klein. And we couldn’t agree more. Which we are happy to know that she will be receiving the care and help she needs.

If this man hadn’t walked over to her, and talked to her, who knows what would have happened. We are just thankful that they both were able to walk away from the situation, alive and well.

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Article via NYdailynews