cat in dog bed

Cats and dogs have been in a rivalry since the beginning of time, but will it ever end? According to this video about a cat laying in a dog’s bed, the rivalry is still going strong. There are books, tv shows, and movies about this long-lasting rivalry between dogs and cats.  Some people like dogs more than cats, and some like cats more than dogs. Some think that cats are too mischievous and only want to be with people for food, while others think they are as lovable or even more loveable than dogs. Cats and dogs are known for not being able to get along very well, and that is usually because of how different their personalities are. Cats typically are laid back and quiet, while dogs usually are energetic and playful.

This video shows a dog who saw a cat in her bed and started whimpering and whining. The cat did nothing and just lay there like nothing was happening. It was almost like the cat was trying to say, “get out of here, this is my bed now.” As the dog kept whining and whimpering, the cat is still laid there calmly. All the dog wanted was her bed back and a good night’s sleep. Eventually, the dog’s whimper turned into a soft bark. The dog was sending a message to the cat that she wanted to lay in the bed. But it made no difference. I guess the cat didn’t get the memo. The dog began to look at her owner with a face of “help me, do something.” But the video ended with the owner saying to leave the cat alone.

I guess the cat and dog rivalry will never end, as some comments were saying that the cat should stay in the bed, while others said that the dog should have her bed back.

Check out this video from Rumble here.