baby eats lemon

It is super exciting when a baby graduates from eating their baby food and starts to get used to eating normal solid food. When a baby is ready to eat normal food, all we want to see is our little ones trying new foods for the first time. We often get our cameras out and video every food he/she is eating for the first time. We show our family and friends the adorable videos we take.

Parents have one of the toughest jobs with taking care of their newborn babies. They have to constantly deal with screaming and crying, dirty diapers, non-stop fussing, and yes, even car seats are a pain. Don’t they deserve a little bit of entertainment? Isn’t that what kids are for? They are constant entertainment, whether it be good or bad.

Babies eat many foods for the first time but the ones that are video worthy have the best reactions. Examples of different foods that make an amazing video include, pizza, pickles, spicy chicken, peanut butter, and my personal favorite, lemons. Lemons are very sour and cause an adorable reaction when a baby puts them in their mouth.

But not only are they sour, they are really healthy as well. Healthline states “Citrus fruits make a healthy addition to just about any diet, including babies’. One lemon weighing 84 grams contains an impressive 45 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C. Getting enough vitamin C helps your child’s body absorb iron, create collagen, and maintain a healthy immune system. Plus, as an antioxidant, vitamin C combats the harmful effects of free radicals, which can damage cells.”

In this video we see a father letting his baby ‘taste test’ a lemon at a restaurant. As soon as the baby put the lemon in his mouth, she knew that it was different than anything else she had previously tasted. Her eyes started to scrunch and her face was priceless.          We love to see funny videos of babies and this one is no exception.