baby sees

Babies are a blessing from heaven to parents. The parents love and cherish them forever. They love, laugh, and make great memories; but imagine what it would be like if your child was not able to see what you look like. That is exactly what happened in this video.

A cute baby named Everly was born with congenital cataracts in both eyes. Congenital cataracts are rare birth defects that cause a cloudy film to form on the lens of the eye that makes it hard to see. Surgery is a great way to help prevent and take away congenital cataracts and help healthy eye development. Early surgery is most important because it has a higher chance of success at a younger age.

Everly was given the opportunity to do the surgery and after 4 successful trips to the doctor for surgery, she was given the chance to see properly and clearly with glasses. In the video, when she has the cute pink glasses put on her face by her father, she can’t help but giggle and look at her parents and surroundings. She was very fascinated by the circle shapes on the case for her glasses, and she tried to eat them! Her reaction is adorable!

She was asked by her mother, “Can you see better?” Her response was a cute word that sounded like “yeah.” When she looked at her parents, her eyes got big and she was filled with joy as she saw her parents’ faces clearly for the first time ever. She even reached for her father’s face! She was asked by her father, “isn’t that nice?” She again said “yeah!” in the cutest way.

She kept on looking around in awe able to see everything. This is a really cute video from Rumble that you have to see. Watch it here.