Dog eats ice cream.

When we were children, we loved sugar. We would beg and beg our mom and dad for sugar whether it be candy, cake, or even ice cream. Sometimes we got our way, but most of the time the answer was no. And for good reason.

Ice cream for example, is one of the best treats a kid, or even an adult, can have. It corresponds with a victory, a defeat, and even helps when we are sad. When we win something, whether it is winning a baseball game, defeating a surgery and conquering it, or when someone gets a good grade on a test, ice cream is a way to celebrate in a tasty way. Or when we are defeated in something, whether it is a breakup, a loss of a sports game, or when life gets you down, ice cream is a comfort food and is with us through it all.

One of the things that is also depicted with ice cream is when a father and son get ice cream after sports. It is a good father son bonding moment that will forever be remembered by a child. When a little boy becomes a man and a father, he will remember when his dad took him out for ice cream and how fun it was. He will then want to take his little boy out to ice cream to have a bonding activity with his son. It is a tradition that will forever be an amazing bonding thing for a father and son to do and is apparently a fun tradition for dogs as well.

In this video, it shows a dog that is super glad to see the ice cream truck. Ever since the first time this dog had spotted the ice cream truck and got doggy ice cream, it always goes crazy when the truck passes by. After so many times of this happening, the dog and the owner of the truck started to have a bond. This time when the dog spotted the ice cream truck, he started to howl and bark. The dog was super excited. He jumped up at the counter and ordered his ice cream.

Ice cream is an awesome way to celebrate victories and get comfort in losses. It is a great way for a father and son to bond. And it is a great treat for dogs.