Otter Cuddles Stuffed Animal

When we were kids, we all had that one thing that would help us fall asleep. It could have been a blanket that we always carried around with us, it could have been a night light that we would have on at night, or it could have been a stuffed animal. We also have that one place where we are the most comfortable just being in for a while. Believe it or not, animals have the same instinct where they have a place to sleep or a place to be comfortable, whether it is a dog bed or a cat bed, a special place in the room where they lay down, or even their owner’s bed (if they let your dog or cat on it).

Well, this baby otters ‘comfort thing’ was a stuffed animal. Not just any stuffed animal though, a piglet stuffed animal from Winnie the Pooh. Everybody has had their first stuffed animal. Do you remember yours? It always has and always will have a special place in our hearts.

The goal of a stuffed animal is to have something that we can cuddle up with at night so that we can know that we have a friend laying right beside us to help us through the night. Believe me, in a toddlers mind, there is so much to be afraid of. Whether it was afraid of the dark, afraid of being alone, or afraid of a monster in your closet. That is exactly why kids absolutely love their stuffed animal when they have it.

Sakura the otter  is a beautiful baby otter who needs sleep. But the only way to get it to sleep is to let it cuddle with its best friend, piglet. In the heartwarming video of Sakura the otter, it is obvious that it loves its stuffed animal as it tightly cuddles it in its arms. You can see the otter toss and turn trying to get comfortable until it finally does. When the otter gets comfortable, it struggles to keep its eyes open and ultimately falls asleep. Watch as the otter tightly grips and cuddles its stuffed animal until it comfortably falls asleep.