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Every girl dreams of the those 5 minutes she gets to dance at her wedding with her daddy.  The father-daughter dance can be a bitter sweet moment if that young lady’s daddy isn’t able to be there for her big day.  She is incredibly emotional but she remains brave ready to start her new life.

In this video the young bride, who is also a mom, reminds us that the kids in our lives can make us look forward to new beginnings with a happy heart.  The bride lost her father a few years ago and had no one to take his place.  Until her 6 year old son stepped up and said he would try to fill Grandpa’s shoes.

This handsome little man decided that the best way to make his momma happy was to give her happy memories.  Family said he picked the song and even learned the steps for his mother-son dance.

At the reception the song started playing he took his mom’s hand and lead her to the dance floor.  He didn’t care she was taller and she had no concerns that he was so much shorter.

It was clear that mom loved his wedding gift.  Her smile from ear to ear was seen by all the guests in attendance.  Some were even in tears!

This little guy is going to grow into a great man and make a young lady very happy wife someday.

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