Michele Dugan and Trish Morgan – Realty ONE Group

They are the same age, have the same father, and have lived in the same city for more than 30 years.

Despite this, each sister was unaware of the existence of the other, having been born to different mothers and separated by unfortunate circumstances 51 years ago. They’ve recently reunited, however, thanks to a DNA test, and it’s incredible how much they share.

Their children graduated on the same day from the same high school in Las Vegas, with each sister attending the ceremony and filming videos from various angles.

Michele Dugan went to foster care and was later adopted, whereas Trish Morgan stayed with their father and Trish’s birth mother.

Michele decided it was time to find out where she came from three years ago and signed up for She was surprised to receive a message from a woman named Trish inviting her to meet for coffee.

The two instantly recognized their connection.

“It was like looking at a ghost,” Morgan said. “The blue eyes, the hair, the whole thing.” So I couldn’t take my eyes off her. You’re definitely my sister—a thousand percent.”

They sipped their drinks and talked about their lives for hours, trying to make up for lost decades.

They were astounded not only because their sons were the same age and went to the same school, but also because they both had a background in real estate.

Trish had enrolled in real estate school but had yet to be certified. Michelle was a Las Vegas real estate legend, having been in the business for nearly 25 years. Because they shared a professional interest, collaborating was an obvious next step.

Trish was encouraged by Michele to obtain her certification, and the two soon launched ‘Sisters Selling Vegas’ for the Realty ONE Group.

“It was the universe talking,” Michele, who was going through a rough patch in her life, explained.

“I was so busy. I remember saying to someone, ‘I need another me. I need someone who really likes to work and cater to clients and is not just in it for the paycheck, but in it for all the right reasons.’ And there she is! We just came into each other’s life at the absolute perfect time.”

Siblings selling  Last year, Vegas reportedly closed 44 transactions totaling $12 million in gross sales.

Their new relationship is all the more special because both girls grew up with only brothers.