boy surprised with limo
Tamara McKinnon

Dante Johnson’s birthday was one to remember. 

Dante was waiting to be picked up from school on his 10th birthday, but to his surprise, he heard his aunt calling to him from a shiny black limousine. Dante had never seen a limousine in real life before, and he was about to ride in one for his birthday. 

Dante’s aunt told “Good Morning America,” “He said he had only seen them in the movies. I was like, that’ll be such a good idea to come and pick him up from school in a limo. Once I thought of it, I was like, this is better than a gift because it’s an experience for him. He’s never going to forget this.”

This experience for Dante was caught on camera by his mother. 

Dante’s aunt also said, “I just rolled the window down and he’s just in complete disbelief. It was so magical. He was so taken aback. I’ve never seen him so speechless.”

She later posted on social media a video with the headline,my nephew said he never saw a limo in real life, so I surprised him & pulled up to his school in one for his birthday.”

The limousine chauffeur wished the boy happy birthday and opened the door for him. 

​​”For a while, he was in shock. But then he just kept saying, ‘I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I’m really in the limo.’ I said, ‘Oh, it’s really happening.’ And he was like, ‘I’m just living my best life,'” Dante’s aunt said. 

It didn’t take long for Dante to get comfortable. Dante’s aunt even said that it reminded her of the hit comedy, “Home Alone,” in the scene where Kevin McCallister rides in the limousine. 

Dante’s aunt recalled, “He just kept giving me his glass so I can refill it with apple cider and we were playing all his favorite songs and we let him DJ so he’s just like, rapping and singing.”

His special night included a trip in the limousine to the wharf, where he saw many sea lions and where he ate a lot of his favorite doughnuts. To end the night he went to a private watch party at a movie theater. 

This will be a night well remembered.