When most of us see certain wild animals, we tend to run the other direction (or at least make our best attempt to avoid them).

For instance, if we see a giant rat in our backyard, chances are we are not going to go running to it. Same goes for other unwanted animals like porcupines, groundhogs, and of course raccoons.

One woman, though, chose to befriend a wild animal and a year later still sees it around.

About a year ago Susie Chinn noticed a raccoon in her backyard and in a feat of compassion decided to feed the normally hated and dreaded animal. Now, the raccoon, who Chinn named Rocksy, comes to her backdoor regularly, knocking for food.

Chinn caught one of these anticipated visits on camera. In the video you hear her say, “Someone is knocking at the door, who could it be? Is it Rocksy? Is the cat food bowl empty again?”

You even see little Rocksy using a rock to knock on Chinn’s door, eagerly waiting for dinner.

Chinn explained that “When the bowl’s empty, she gets a rock and knocks on my door and it’s scratched all the way across…This raccoon cracks me up.”

I know, I for one, would not be pleased if a raccoon was scratching on my door for food. Not Chinn. She shows Rocksy, and even other raccoon friends Rocksy brings to the backdoor plenty of hospitality and care.

Chinn is not only an animal lover, but she is also a photographer who volunteers for Wildlife, Inc., which explains why she doesn’t mind the wildlife company.

She shared in the video, “I love her so much. She’s so funny. She does this all the time. She’s so good at it too.”

In an interview with Inside Edition Chinn shared that the infamous raccoon is currently nursing four babies, so she needs more food than normal.

Chinn’s goal is to “educate people about how wonderful raccoons are.” She talked to Inside Edition about how although we should definitely be cautious when approaching wild animals (be sure to have a rabies shot), we should not be terribly scared of them.

“I want people to learn about animals, to respect them and love them…We need to share our earth with our wildlife and try to be kinder.”

Chinn is a true inspiration to the rest of us. Even an animal most deem as unwanted and ugly can be turned into a new furry friend.

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Source: insideedition.com