A woman who identified herself as Katy Comer said that she was sick and tired of being catcalled every time she passed by a construction site.

In a social media post, Comer said, “Guys I just did it!”

“There were three guys that were just sitting on a stoop, and they were like, ‘Mmm gorgeous girl, gorgeous.’

“And I just calmly said, ‘Oh I’m sorry, I don’t have any change.’”

“The look on their face! Thank you to whoever started this because that is just—that is the money shot right there,” she said, referring to the shocked look on the catcallers’ faces.

Viewers in the comments section said that they had fun as well clapping back at catcallers.

“A man catcalled me in a convenience store this afternoon and I told him I was a nun and I’d pray for him. His face!” one person wrote.

“I would often get told, ‘Smile beautiful,’ and I’d respond, ‘Say something funny!’ ” a second shared.

It sounds like those people catcalling could use a refresher in summer etiquette that people don’t seem to talk about anymore.

For example, don’t gawk and be respectful.

Jacqueline Whitemore, a Florida-based etiquette consultant has issued some great advice.

“Etiquette is more than knowing how to use the right knife and fork,” she said. “I define it as the ‘art of knowing how to treat other people.’ It’s being mindful of how your behavior affects others.”

She added that the tips aren’t meant to insult anyone but are just good to know because people don’t seem to talk about etiquette anymore.

For example, when at the beach don’t fling or shake out your sand-covered blanket when people are close by. Another great piece of advice is to try to limit your phone usage at a lawn party or picnic.

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