You mess with the bull you get the horns.

Chris Rock’s younger brother Kenny Rock has called out Will Smith and alongside fight promoter, Damon Feldman challenged him to a boxing match.

Kenny signed an open contract for a match scheduled to take place in Pembroke Pines, Florida on June 11 if Smith is brave enough to take the fight.

“I should get in the ring with will Smith,” Kenny said. “I could take him down…I’ll let the hands do the talking.”

Kenny said that he’s been in touch with his brother who is “doing great.”

The comedian’s brother doesn’t really believe that the Academy is going to ban Smith for 10 years as they claim.

“We have to see if he’s actually gonna get the 10-year ban,” Kenny said. “After three years, they might think we’ll forget about it and then slot him in … we have to make sure that these people do what they say they’re gonna do.”

Chris Rock’s other brother isn’t happy with Smith either.

“It eats at me watching it over and over again, because you’ve seen a loved one being attacked and there’s nothing you can do about it,’ Tony Rock said. “Every time I’m watching the videos, it’s like a rendition that just keeps going over and over in my head.”

“My brother was no threat to him and you just had no respect for him at that moment. You just belittled him in front of millions of people that watch the show,” Tony added.

Defenders of Will Smith have aid that the slap was a “lapse in judgment” that the actor regrets.

Smith’s career is on a downward slope, not only is he not brave enough to step into the ring with the brother of the man he sucker-punched his latest movie projects are all on hold.