dogs saved

Several dogs were rescued that were trapped in an RV that caught on fire.

Deputy Nicholas Collins and his partner, Zach Newell, went to the RV and saw heavy smoke coming from it in the 900 block of Perth Street in Arapahoe County. The trailer resident was not home and at work at the time of the incident. 

Collins said, “Smoke was coming out of every window in the RV. I could hear the dogs screaming inside.”

Collin tried to go inside the trailer, but the heavy smoke wouldn’t allow him to get in because he couldn’t breathe. He ran back to his patrol car to grab a gas mask.

Collins said, “I knew it’s not designed for (fire) smoke, but I knew it would protect my eyes.” 

As Collin was getting his mask on, Newell rescued a dog who had its head out of a window that was gasping for air. Newell pulled the dog out to safety.

Collin was inside the RV now struggling to breathe but eventually found two more dogs that were unconscious. He picked one up and handed it to Newell and then rescued the other one. There was another dog that was afraid, so he made it come out. 

Collins has a dog of his own. A 5-year-old German shepherd who he had since the dog was 10-weeks-old. 

Collins said, “He’s my best friend. I was living through my worst nightmare, of him (Apollo) suffering while I was gone. I would want someone to do the same (rescue) for my dog. ”

Later the Chief came in along with some of the other departments.

Solomon said of Collin’s rescue response. “It was amazing. I know what those conditions must have felt like for him. It’s something inherent in an individual, it can’t be taught. He’s that kind of individual you want on the streets.”

An ambulance took the dogs found to the Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

There were 6 dogs on the trailer and one was not found and died in the RV.

“I’m still coughing a little bit, my lungs hurt, but I’ll be all right,” Collin said.

The Denver Post