There is one thing that UPS driver Sean McCarren looks forward to every day on his delivery route. That is seeing all his favorite four-legged friends. Not only is it something that he looks forward to on his daily route, but many other delivery drivers also look forward to seeing all the pets they meet along the way.

McCaren who is 41, always keeps a box of dog treats in his truck to give to the dogs along his way.

“I know people who buy a couple of boxes a week. As soon as you deliver to a stop, especially in rural areas, (the dogs) start popping up in your truck,” he said.

He really cares for the dogs he sees, some of them he sees on a daily basis and they are always waiting for him to pull into the driveway. “They become a part of your family, kinda. They’re expecting you. The worst is when you run out of treats … next time, they get a double treat!” he joked.

McCaren and some of his friends who drive for UPS were constantly sharing pictures of the dogs with each other. Sending each other funny photos, or dog selfies was something they did on a regular basis.

One day in 2013 McCaren decided to start a Facebook page called UPS Dogs. It started out as a small group but eventually, the group went viral.

“At first I started adding a couple of local drivers, then it starts to spread. Slowly it trickles out. Some lady from Spain a few years ago liked the page — people from London, Germany. It’s really catching fire.” He recalled.

Four years after he started the group, the page now has over 500,000 followers and contributors from all around the world. People share photos, stories, and experiences with each other. One driver, Katie Neuhauser even adopted a pit bull whose name is Leo after his owner had passed away.

There have been other animals shared in the group too. Cats, donkeys, deer, and pigs can also be seen in the group’s posts. But McCaren’s favorite will always be dogs.

“There’s nothing you can say negative about dogs,” he said. “Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, they’re people’s best friend. Everybody loves dogs.”

The group has gotten a lot of positive feedback. People really enjoy looking at the page.

“I’ve gotten what feels like a billion messages saying, ‘This is the best page ever!’ Not just, ‘Hey, can you post my dog,’ but outpours of, ‘Thank you, this is great’ … It’s cool to see how it just brought everybody together.”

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