dog kisses toddler

Dogs are the companions we need in our lives. They cheer us up, they are always happy to see us, and they are great kissers. Dogs love to play with humans, especially the little ones.

Tegan is a cute toddler who loves to play with his special companion, Ralphie, a Newfoundland. These two share a great bond. The one thing that Tegan loves is when Ralphie gives him kisses. But this time it was way too much for the boy to handle.

The video shows Tegan and Ralphie professing their love for each other as the boy kisses the dog on the cheek. Tegan was not expecting Ralphie’s reaction. The big dog gave the boy a big, wet, slobbery kiss.

We can see Tegan’s hilarious reaction to the kiss that Ralph gave him. The kiss made the boy stumble back giggling and laughing. After his parents tell him to go back for another kiss, he leans in as the dog gives him another slobbery kiss. Tegan has the same reaction as before when he stumbled backward and started giggling. His parents told him to kiss Ralphie one more time but the video ended before the boy did anything.

The bond between toddlers and dogs is like no other. Dogs typically make babies and toddlers happy. According to, “Interacting with dogs raises levels of serotonin and dopamine, the chemical building blocks of positive feelings. They are also just fun to be around.” Dogs also love to be around toddlers. Since dogs are naturally curious animals, they are drawn to toddlers because of how different they are from adults. Toddlers sound different, act different, talk different, and typically have more erratic movements.

I hope you will enjoy this video as much as a have! Check out the hilarious Rumble video here.