Breeders are a popular option for dog owners when they are looking for a new best friend. The one problem that dog lovers are running into now is irresponsible breeding, especially now that people are breeding dogs for appearance alone. When a breeder doesn’t breed carefully, there can be terrible consequences.

When a breeder is breeding two merle parent dogs for merle offspring, there is a one in four chance that the dog will have terrible problems because of bad genetics. The puppies have white coats, terrible disabilities, and are usually labeled as useless and unsellable by breeders. These breeders usually end up killing the puppies and breeding the parents again.

Moxie, however, defied all odds and is now spending her days with a loving family who treats her with unconditional love no matter what the occasion. Moxie was the product of breeders who were not careful in what they were doing, and she was born blind and deaf. They sent her to their local humane society and left.

That is when her new owners came in and laid eyes on her. “When we saw the pictures on VHS we immediately fell in love with the little white fluff ball,” says Michelle Overhill. “We knew our home would be perfect for Moxie, based on the description of what they were looking for.”

Michelle and Sam Overhill knew that this dog would need particular attention, but felt they were well equipped and ready for that kind of responsibility. “But most importantly we have Macy. Macy is a 7-year-old Rough Collie with the most incredible patience, the most amazing heart, and she is the most gentle, nurturing, sweet dog you could possibly meet,” says Michelle.

With Macy right by Moxies side, she has the confidence to be the puppy she truly is. She never holds back, with her best friend by her side, and now Moxie is feeling more loved than ever.

Moxie could have been just another dog who was killed because of her disabilities, but Michelle and Sam stepped up and made a difference in Moxie’s life. All dogs deserve love, and we think that this family is nothing short of amazing and special. If you are happy to hear that Moxie is doing so well, share this story with a friend.

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