When you are a child you think like a child. When you are an adult, you think like an adult. To get to the point where you think like an adult, you have to first go step by step through life.

You’ve got to learn how to act as a child, it is the building blocks of their character, personality, and attitude toward life. Often times we think that children can’t comprehend small life lessons, but how else do they learn?

To build character, personality, and attitude, children learn from their parents. They learn how to act in situations based on how they see their parents react. While kids develop their own personality, they learn how to use it by watching their parents.

My point is, kids are their own little human selves, but they get a lot of guidance from their parents. For this couple, they felt the need to continue their teachings even later in life.

This mom decided to get her groove on in the middle of the driveway to show her daughter just that. This mom decided to show her daughter that she still had some things to teach her.

As she began to swivel back and forth to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, you see her husband walking down the driveway. At first, he hesitates, just watching his wife’s shenanigans, but then he joins in with the dancing.

You hear their daughter laughing, awkwardly and embarrassed, at her parent’s shenanigans. Their daughter may have just been able to do nothing but sit and just watch, unbelievingly.

More than likely, in that moment, she was embarrassed at how her parents were gyrating in the driveway, but looking back, she will be thankful to see her parents dancing the day away.

Not only does that show that her parents are still on the same page when it comes to embarrassing their daughter, but she can see that they have taught her tons of lessons in life.

Her parents may have taught her many lessons in life, but the fact that of the matter is, the biggest lesson that she learned is that her parents can really groove!

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Source: Rumble.com