Vitaly was on a trip to Bali, Indonesia with friends and they decided to visit a zoo, not expecting to have a special encounter. They went to the zoo like any normal day!

When they got to the Orangutans he wasn’t prepared to laugh as much as he did when he had a special encounter with one of the primates.

He was hesitant but decided to give his special friend a treat, but the only problem was there was a concrete wall and a small river separating them.

Because he couldn’t hand deliver the treat he threw it across the water… And the orangutan caught it and put the treat in his mouth.

At first, he just stared back at Vitaly but after a few moments, he grabbed a melon slice and raised it above his head. This caught Vitaly off guard, but he quickly realized that the Orangutan wanted to play catch.

The Orangutan threw the melon slice over to Vitaly, and Vitaly threw it back and the two became fast friends.

Other people in the zoo started watching and their game brought smiles to their faces.

This is a moment that Vitaly and his friends will never forget.

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