If you have ever had children, then you know exactly how stubborn they can be. A lot of the time, they will do exactly what you tell them NOT to do. Or they will try and push your buttons. And sometimes pets, such as dogs, will do the very same thing.

This Great Dane named Max does exactly that.

Max wants to go swimming so badly, but his mother doesn’t approve. Why? Because this deaf dog isn’t allowed to go swimming with his jacket on. But when his momma says no, he puts up an argument.

The best part about this is, Max is so extremely intelligent, and it seems as if he is able to read lips and even understand sign language. How cool is that?

These two continue to argue for a few minute, with Max just inching closer to the edge of the pool. It’s written all over his face, and you can hear it in his voice, he just wants to jump in, and is so tempted to do it.

But as Max starts to argue back with his human mom, you can’t help but wonder how anyone could say no to this cutie pie! Just look at his face!

Their little argument left us with a smile on our faces, and made us laugh. Although his sweater is absolutely adorable (because who doesn’t love a dog in clothes?) we really do hope that his mother took it off of him so he could finally go swimming!

We love how this dog still tries to communicate back with his owners, and how passionate he got when he wanted something. If you do too, SHARE this post!

Article via Rumble