Our family pet is not just a furry creature that we keep around for the heck of it. They are part of the family. Often times the family pet is referred to as a fur-baby or a hairy child.

For this small, fur-baby life was about to get more complicated. When a fire broke out in an apartment building, this pup was trapped. As the building filled with smoke, the dog had no choice but to inhale.

As the building filled with more and more smoke, the dog became weaker and weaker. The smoke inhalation caused the dog to pass out from lack of oxygen. When the firefighters found the poor, lifeless dog, they did not automatically assume he was dead.

On the contrary, in fact. The dog only had a chance at life because of the West Midlands Fire Service. This company is the second largest in the UK outside of London.

The firemen assessed the dog quickly to see if there was any life form left in the dog– They decided to take the dog out to utilize their new life-saving procedure. The firemen quickly scooped the dog up and ran outside of the building. They laid the dog down and immediately went to work.

In the video you will see how easy and quick the revival of the dog was once the mask was on, providing a steady stream of oxygen to the sweet little fur ball. When the dog wakes, you see how confused he is with his surroundings. But he makes quick work of affection toward the people that saved him once he regains his bearings.

The main reason other than the firemen for this dogs survival? A specially designed oxygen mask specifically made for pets. This mask comes in three sizes. Thankfully all three sizes come in a kit. Each mask is reusable. These masks that were seen in the video were donated by a public donation in conjunctions with the Smokey Paws Charity.

No animal deserves to suffer from a fire or smoke inhalation but thank goodness for this ingenious invention preventing the death a fur-baby. Pets aren’t just animals, they are part of the family and most everyone would want someone to save their hairy family member.

These firemen finding and saving this puppy was amazing. If you think this life saving procedure should be standard with all fire companies, like and SHARE this with your family and friends now.

Source: rumble.com