Fire Rescue
Monmouth Junction Fire Department

A 2 year old toddler was rescued from a house fire by getting tossed into the arms of several firemen from a 2 story window. The toddler’s dad was also rescued from the blazing house fire.

The rescue was captured on video from many different angles. It involved the firefighters and Chief Chris Perez of the Monmouth Junction Fire Department. It also involved the South Brunswick Township police department.

Police Sgt. John Penney told NBC New York, “We thought the building was evacuated, and then there’s somebody at the window and then we said, ‘Oh my God, he has a baby!'”

As the firefighters worked to rescue the father and his 2 year old son, they knew that they had no time to mess around. They had to think fast and work quickly. “We knew we had to act fast, as there wasn’t time to mess around,” Police Patrolman Ryan Bartunek stated. The smoke was coming out so bad.” Ryan Bartunek quickly looked for possibilities to rescue them but found only one solution. They would have to climb through the window and jump down a 2 story window.

The rescue started when a bunch of policemen and firemen gathered around straight under the window. The toddler’s dad, who has not yet been identified, dropped his 2 year old son out of the 2 story window and the firemen and policemen were there to catch him. After his son was rescued it was the fathers turn. He dropped out of the 2nd floor and was rescued. They both suffered minor injuries but are overall okay.

One resident, Venkat Muyppaneni, told NBC New York, “We didn’t get any fire alarm.”

There were no other injuries that were reported from the building.

“This dramatic rescue was the result of years of first responders working together,” Fire Chief Perez said.

NBC News