Take a moment, and think about your very first memory. How old were you in that memory? How did it make you feel?

When we think about things from the past, all of the emotions come flooding right back to us. Whether they make us smile and laugh, or just cry. Memory is a very powerful thing. And these precious dogs have just proven how strong it really can be––the cutest way possible.

Many people think that memory is just a human thing. But they would be wrong. Dogs have a pretty strong memory as well. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that these German Pointers knew exactly where they were going, and decided to celebrate.

“One day this past summer I decided to take my dog and my parents’ dogs out to the quarry where they have been going since they were all just little puppies. Every single time they are taken to the quarry, when they are just around the corner they start howling because they are so excited and this time was no exception,” said the owner.

And he was right. As soon as they got past the corner, all four dogs began to whimper and howl like no other. It was absolutely precious. The dogs couldn’t contain their excitement and were jumping all around. It doesn’t just much cuter than this folks!

We are so glad that this owner took these precious dogs to their favorite place. And based on the excitement beforehand, we can only assume that they had a wonderful time.

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Article via rumble.com