Dog Saved

One day, two people were walking down the road when they spotted something moving in the water under a bridge. They were curious and went to it to get a better look. They soon realized that it was a dog. It was stuck in disgusting, worm infested, water. The dog was not moving and had lost all hope of survival. They knew that they had to help.

So they grabbed whatever they could find, they found a long stick, and tried to get the dog to bite onto the stick so that they could pull it out. After trying to get it to move they realized that it could not move because it has been in the water for too long. So they decided to go in the water to pick it up. The dog could not walk due to severe hypothermia and dehydration.

They lifted him up and got him out. As soon as they got him out, they fed him lots of food to build back his strength. Nobody knows how he got stuck in there but someone must have thrown him off the bridge. They fed him some more and he immediately started to trust them. After the dog was done eating, they started to give him water to get him hydrated. They decided to take the dog to the shelter so that they could get a better look on what condition he was in. So they lifted him into the car with blankets and started driving to the shelter.

During the car ride, he showed that he got some strength back and stood up to see the people that saved him. It was probably his first ever car ride and he looked so happy to be in the car. They arrived at Shree’s Animal Rescue and the owner carried him in. He laid the dog on the table and gave him water to drink. He then proceeded to shave the dog of all the muddy, dirty, and matted hair. He then cleaned the dog’s ears and checked him out for any major injuries. Luckily, the dog, whose name is now Khairey, had no major injuries and soon was as good as new.

I am so glad that those people were so willing to help Khairey in his difficult time and we need more people like them in this world.