Thinking about certain situations makes me sick. There are sad situations all around the world, but the one that unites us all? The sad situations that involve animals always seem to get the human race.

The sad situations where animals are hurt or sad bring us humans to our knees. Maybe it is because animals don’t have a voice to use. Maybe it is because animals, especially dogs are always so in tune with us.

We hate to see them hurting, sad or neglected. For this dog, she had the worst hurt of all. Lack of affection. Elsa was rescued from a hoarding situation. A situation that caused her to never be touched by a human. Image her surprise when she was rescued.

Unfortunately, when Elsa was rescued, being a delicate situation no one was able to touch her. Not because she was scared or people were afraid to touch her, but because Elsa did not understand the human touch.

Not understanding the human touch, Elsa was placed in a rehab center, Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA. This was her best chance of getting a chance to have a real life.

“In a rehab facility, dogs come in that have been severely abused and sometimes, have never been touched by a human. In this video, Elsa has come in from a horrific hoarding case and has never been touched. The goal today was to get a collar and leash on her and to gain trust through canine massage. The licensed Canine Massage Therapist has to have the keen sense of reading the body language of the dog which will enable her to know exactly when to eliminate the towel barrier and touch the dog without protection. AGAIN, This is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted unless you are a professional.” Said the licensed canine massage therapist. 

Since Elsa had suffered this sad event in her life, the fact that anyone was able to touch her at all is a miracle in itself. While it is sad that we, as humans, need a rehabilitation center for abused animals at all, it is amazing that Elsa got a second chance.

Since Elsa was rescued and rehabilitated, she has been adopted. She is living a normal life with her puppy sibling (who was from the same rescue Elsa came from) and her adopters. While Elsa’s story makes us sad, she ultimately got the happy ending every animal deserves.

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